Recertification program

Every Barbieri spectrophotometer is recommanded to be recertified every 18 months.

The certification program is done in the Service Center in Salt Lake City and includes:

  • Exchange of reference white tile
  • re-calibration of device to factory standards
  • Firmware update
  • Full functionality check for all operations
  • ​New certificate from Barbieri for calibration​
  • Fixed price (no extra costs, if device is fully functional)


  • Calibration and Certification Service Spectro LFP qb = $1,180

  • Calibration and Certification Service for Spectro LFP RT Series 1, 2, 3 =  $910

  • Calibration and Certification Service for Spectro Swing = $705

  • Calibration and Certification Service for SpectroPad = $580

  • Hardware repair: to be estimated after inspection in service center

Marco roos, Owner of Color Concepts

“We are thrilled to work closely with Barbieri North America and Barbieri Italy in delivering outstanding support for the North American region. Our extensive experience with the Barbieri hardware and software tools, as well our fully equipped large format inkjet printing laboratories enable us to support virtually any combination of hardware and software available to Barbieri customers. With more than 40 wide-format inkjet printers, all popular RIP software packages and hundreds of different printing materials in stock, we are able to simulate the endless combinations of output environments the Barbieri devices excel at."

shipping costs not included

barbieri Service center

Color Concepts of North America are offering a wide range of repair and recertification services as officially authorized Barbieri service center, with regard to support the full line of Barbieri spectrophotometers in the Americas.

hardware repair

We are able to do any kind of hardware repair for Barbieri devices with a production date not older then 10 years.

​Barbieri North America Inc.

a subsidiary of Barbieri Electronic 

Contact Line +1 801 704 0906​ 

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Book your Service

To book your service please contact us under:

Phone: +1 801 704 0906 (8 AM - 4 PM MST)​

Please include your serial number and contact information, and a problem description. We are always able to get you an estimated cost of your repair work upfront.